Anti A Bottle
The Science 1The Science 2The Science 3Recommended UseSupplement Facts Empty tab. Edit page to add content here. Empty tab. Edit page to add content here. Recommended Use Helps to maintain immune function and healthy skin. Helps in connective tissue formation. Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Recommended Dose (Adults > 18 years) Take...


Shilajit 250 Bottle
THE SCIENCE 1THE SCIENCE 2THE SCIENCE 3SUPPLEMENT FACTSRECOMMENDED USETHE SCIENCE 1 Supports Cellular Energy Production Shilajit supports ATP production by increasing the availability of electrons to the electron transport chain in the mitochondrial matrix. It also supports the activity of CoQ10, keeping the energy currency flowing in the body.* Revitalizes Body and Mind* By supporting...


Apigenin 99 Bottle
THE SCIENCESUPPLEMENT FACTS RECOMMENDED USETHE SCIENCE Research suggests that apigenin has anti-aromatase mRNA expression properties. The main function of RNA is to carry amino acid sequence information from the genes to where proteins are assembled on ribosomes in the cytoplasm. This is done by messenger RNA (mRNA), which is a large family of RNA molecules...


Tribulus 750 Bottle
THE SCIENCESUPPLEMENT FACTSRECOMMENDED USETHE SCIENCE Healthy Testosterone Support Tribulus terrestris contains powerful steroidal glycosides (saponins) called furostanolic saponins. The most predominant furostanolic saponin is protodioscin and it’s well known for its ability to support healthy testosterone secretion. Furostanolic saponins The steroidal nature of furostanolic saponins may enable Tribulus to act as an intermediate in the...


Diindolylmethane DIM Bottle
THE SCIENCESUPPLEMENT FACTS RECOMMENDED USETHE SCIENCE Estrogenic Metabolites Estrogen is broken down in the body into different metabolites. Each of these metabolites has different effects on the body. Some metabolites are low estrogenic and offer many benefits in the body and some are highly estrogenic, which are not as favorable. Research studies suggest that exercise...


Acacetin 99 Bottle
THE SCIENCESUPPLEMENT FACTSRECOMMENDED USETHE SCIENCE Anti-aromatase Research suggests that Acacetin has anti-aromatase properties. Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. Hormone Support Inhibition of the aromatase enzyme helps reduce the amount of testosterone that gets converted to estrogen. Healthy regulation of the aromatase enzyme can help support healthy testosterone and estrogen levels!...


D-AsparticAcid DAA Bottle
THE SCIENCESUPPLEMENT FACTSRECOMMENDED USETHE SCIENCE Increase Natural Test Research shows that D-aspartic acid (DAA) can accumulate in the testes and may activate the Leydig cells to secrete more natural testosterone. Pituitary Gland Activation DAA may also have actions in the central brain region and activate the pituitary gland to initiate more natural hormone production. Clinically...
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