Alysha Mills BIO

Alysha Mills (Bio)

Alysha Mills is a 22 year-old, OPA figure competitor, student, SD Pharmaceuticals sponsored athlete, and is probably the only bartender you know that does not drink any alcohol at all. Alysha is studying health promotion at Laurentian University and has further plans of using her degree to help others reach their health and fitness goals. From a young age, Alysha has always been involved in sports and has maintained a physically active lifestyle. When she stopped playing team sports, Alysha decided to start taking weight training and nutrition seriously in order to potentially compete (New years resolution turned to passion). She decided to compete in the bikini division and found her love for the stage and competing in May 2013, at the Sudbury Classic Championships. Fast-forward to 2015, Alysha decided to make the switch to the figure division, winning two overall titles and qualifying herself for the 2016 CBBF Nationals. This lifestyle has allowed Alysha to grow as an individual (both physically and mentally), and has given her the opportunity to meet some amazing, like-minded athletes who have become her closest friends.

How to train like Alysha

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