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SD Pharmaceuticals’ DENDROBIUM 600 delivers 600 mg of top-quality Dendrobium powder in every capsule! SD Pharmaceuticals’ DENDROBIUM 600™ delivers a 10:1 Dendrobium nobile extract that supplies a wide array of alkaloids!

Improve Focus with DENDROBIUM Supplement


Dendrobium (Pronounced: den-DROH-bee-um) is a member of the orchid plant family and is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it has the name Shihu. The plant is native to southern Asia, and Dendrobium nobile is by far the most widely used species because of its well-known medicinal properties. Dendrobium has been used in China for over 1000 years as a tonic and strengthening medicine. It contains a variety of chemical alkaloids that are thought to be responsible for its beneficial effects.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dendrobium is used to promote the health of the stomach, kidneys and lungs. In addition to its use as a medicine, it is also used as a powerful strengthening tonic!

Dendrobium Nobile Extract - Total Health Supplement
Dendrobium for increased strength

Improve Focus Supplement

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